Freshwater Doesn’t Need to Be Scarce

Why We Can All Have Big Lawns and Pools One of the many misconceptions among environmentalists is that clean drinking water is increasingly scarce, and that we will run out of it soon if we do not drastically change our ways. There is merit to this argument, but it fails to consider the age we … Continue reading Freshwater Doesn’t Need to Be Scarce

The F-15X Spells Air Supremacy

This Aircraft Destroys Russo-Chinese Chances of Contesting Airspace On July 27th, 1972, a true knight of the skies first took flight. Over 40 years later and the F-15 Eagle is still in service and this year the Air Force is putting in an order for a brand new variant known as the F-15X. As if … Continue reading The F-15X Spells Air Supremacy

A Second Look at the Freedom Dividend

Re-examining Andrew Yang's Signature Policy Universal Basic Income is becoming increasingly popular, especially among young people, who recently polled majority support for the futuristic program. The concept is decades old, and was first popularized in 1972, when George McGovern, then Democrat-candidate for the presidency publically touted a $1,000 a year basic income. Up until very … Continue reading A Second Look at the Freedom Dividend